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    30 November 2019      01 December 2019

    Το απόλυτο συνέδριο για τα κόμικς, φιγούρες, ταινίες, επιτραπέζια, video games, cosplay και την ποπ κουλτούρα επιστρέφει για πέμπτη χρονιά!
    Special Guests 2019:
    Adrian Paul (Actor, Highlander)
    Chris Claremont (Writer Marvel - X-men Creator)
    David Gibbons (Writer-Artist DC Comics Watchmen)
    Bob McLeod (Comic Artist - New Mutants Co-Creator)
    Stefan Kapicic (Actor, Deadpool & Deadpool 2)
    Andrea Freccero (Disney Comic Artist - Topolino)
    Kieron Gillen (Writer Marvel, Avatar)
    Mark Rein-Hagen (Game Creator, Vampire the Masquerade)
    Gail Simone (Writer DC comics, Marvel)
    Giuseppe Camouncoli (Comic Artist - Amazing Spider-Man)
    Stjepan Šejić & Linda Luksic Sejic (Comic Creators - Harleen, Punderworld, Swing)
    Chris Jaymes (Director, Actor - Sons of Chaos)
    Nad Cosplay (French Cosplayer)
    FB : https://www.facebook.com/events/676651539449661/

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