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  1. And no more Phantom stories in another issues?
  2. delboj


    Maybe it was updated in list later, after that was uploaded here. OK.
  3. delboj


    Ok. But about updated list, why you removed the story The Hawk Master http://www.phantomwiki.org/Fantom_1_(Kabanas-Hellas_-_Megalo)?
  4. delboj


    I will add it. Please check does it OK now.
  5. delboj


    Thanks for informations, but if I understood correctly you think that I made something wrong about cover scans. About this http://www.phantomwiki.org/Fantomas_1, I think these scans taken from another source. About watermarks, on PW we can't use scans with watermarks. We could add template like this http://www.phantomwiki.org/Category:Source_templates Or remove cover scans. But I am not sure that anyone will have any benefit of that. I am sorry.
  6. delboj


    There was one Phantom story in issue #52.
  7. delboj


    I've posted updated list in Excel.
  8. Does anyone have informations which Phantom stories have been published in this series?
  9. delboj


    The first Mandrake appearance in Greece probably was in 1957 in magazine Η Διάπλασις των Παίδων.
  10. delboj


    OK, thanks. I can't see anything on those covers.
  11. delboj


    Thank you very much. That is http://www.ipcomics.net/classics-index/strips.php?list=D070 I've updated list. There wasn't more Phantom stories from issue #49 to #63?
  12. delboj


    I have updated this list http://www.phantomwiki.org/Velos Does anyone have issues #48 and #75?
  13. delboj


    About the Phantom stories, I have these informations: D 83 The Epidemic in Velos 80-81 D 86 The Mystery of the Island of Dogs in 68-69 D 89 The Adventures of Lucy Cary in 83-84 I know also that is D 87 in 74 and D 92 in 87, but incomplete. Does it possible to get help about this?
  14. delboj


    There is here http://www.phantomwiki.org/The_Phantom_publications_in_Greece But in excel list I've added only two Kabanas-Hellas series, other could be added later.
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