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  1. Το αγαπημένο μας ζόμπι Marvel, Βασίλης! Εμφανίστηκε σε ένα βίντεο που δημιούργησα με τίτλο Global Comic Safari.
  2. Of course! I love you guys.... without this communities help I would have never been able to find the great Vassilis, or research all the amazing Greek books out there. I will always hold my Greek friends in my heart. I just need to get back more often....
  3. It does... talking industrial history with him for like 40 minutes before the show was awesome!!!! Dude hangs out with Trent Reznor and Oghr from Skinny puppy is in his phone. Freaking crazy man.... guy is my hero.
  4. Yea im super happy! James skill as a letterer, on top of being a bad ass artist, has always impressed me. I couldn't have done this without Gabe Tompalidis though, that dude is awesome and I consider him a very close friend. Many of you have helped me as well in all my virtual Greek travels. I love this place..... even though its been awhile since I have been back to the forum. I am super stoked to share these images with you guys......
  5. Hey guys, I thought you might appreciate this...... After thinking about how I was going to get this done.... I had James pick a quote from the book. He liked.... "Fear is for the enemy, fear and bullets....." My buddy Gabe who im sure many of you know then helped me translate it! James was super cool in reproducing the phrase in Greek. One of a kind collectable I think. He had never seem the Metal comics book. He also had never signed anything in Greek, he had a good time doing the letters and it was really the highlight of the show for me. While speaking to James, he commented that Greece was one of the few places in Europe he hadn't been to. I had to do something nice for Gabe so I bought him this print and James again worked his "μαγεία"
  6. I cannot remember if Liam is using the database here for the Greek books currently? I cannot remember? If not he should... but again maybe he is only using dbase's that do not require membership? Im not sure.....
  7. Ahhh shit! I also forgot to thank you Greek Comic Fan! You also helped me early on... thank you my brother. Yes... having a good database list helps for those of us that need to do cross-referencing. We are currently hard at work on our own database that will do the cross-refrencing for us. Let me share something I posted on our forum.
  8. My god this issue was a real bitch to finally get out! I had to redesign and rebuild the entire magazine from scratch. All while things in my personal life got in the way. But I tell ya what didn't get in the way! Vassilis AKA MORIBUS was amazing throughout this whole thing! My goal is to get a copy of issue #4 in Stan Lees hands. As managing editor of FCC I hope to share the amazing stories of both Vassilis and Gustavo all over the American comic journalistic landscape. I have to thank my buddy Tim for helping me get this thing out.... and all the staff of FCC. Lots of new things going on with us! We have a forum now dedicated to all things "foreign" comic related here.... http://foreigncomicdb.com/ Id also like to thank X_for_xepeta in helping me wade thru everything initially and getting me in contact with MORIBUS in the first place. And I am still researching for the upcoming article on Kabanas books and hoping both MORIBUS and X_for_Xepeta will be co-authors with me. Quick note... the Q and A article with Vassilis ran a little long..... the whole Q and A will be posted at the FCC blog. Unfortunately I am having a little technical problem with the blog on the site. Give me bit and I promise it will be up in its entirety. My Greek friends, thank you all for helping me bring Vassilis story into the light. I have been unbelievably welcomed here and I appreciate it. Without further ado...... Check it out in the joomag viewer on our homepage here..... http://foreigncomiccollector.webs.com/ Or, download the .pdf directly from our archive page here..... http://foreigncomiccollector.webs.com/archive Thanks for looking guys! Im curious what many of you think of the issue? And in English please, Ελληνική μου είναι χάλια!
  9. Awesome! My Italian friend says my English is hard to understand..... What do you guys think? I live in the southwest of the country.... Our accents are not thick but we tend to run our words together.
  10. Hey my friends! Foriegn Comic Collector had a booth at Indy Con where we were bringing awareness in spades to the masses. I thought you guys might have interest in what your crazy American friends are up to? Vid#1 https://vimeo.com/90052385 Vid#2 https://vimeo.com/90065977 Vid#3 https://vimeo.com/90137490
  11. Somthing neat I did.... where is the Avengers Greekcomicfan? Above the Hulk? There has to be more images like this out there.....
  12. Oh, and my son has now shifted his love from Spidey over to the Hulk! As a toddler I think he understands on a fundamental level the Hulks need to SMASH everything!
  13. Thank you for your understanding.... thank all of you, and I mean by all of you, the entire crew here! I stand with my Greek brothers as friends. And, I hope to shed some light here in America on the so many interesting stories im finding concerning the Greek comic book world.
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