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Hi sorry I dont speek greek.  I hope I am posting this in the correct part of your forum.


In 1979 or 1980 I was into a toy called "Shogun Warriors" I heard there was a comicbook based on it so I bought a few. I was in a local corner store looking for more when I came across a comic that even though I can barely remember I will never forget.

It was in the (what I now know to be) the R Crumb / Freak Brothers style and I remember it was in black and white, but the cover was blue and white. To the best of my recollection the cover had a big headed man with a cigar sticking out of his mouth, the man had a bird's body and one of his feet was a metal claw. He was hanging of a oil rig like crane using his clawfoot for leverage and sort of towering over a city. It was (I think) called either "crane foot" or "claw foot"


Thanks in advance,


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