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Το κομικ ''Comeback'' των  Ed Brisson (σεναριο) και Michael Walsh (σχεδιο) μεταφερεται στη μεγαλη οθονη με σκηνοθετη τον Nacho Vigalondo. Ο δημιουργος του Walking Dead, Robert Kirkman, θα αναλαβει χρεη παραγωγου.


Πλοκη: The story follows Seth and Mark, two agents working for Reconnect. The company – for a large fee – offers the chance to rescue a loved one just before death by going back in time. It's also an illegal venture, and the FBI have started to investigate it. When one mission goes badly, Seth meets a future version of himself, and he and Mark must go on the run from not just the FBI, but also their own company, looking to keep its dark secrets.



περισσοτερα για το κομικ



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