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The Bigger Bang

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The Big Bang created all life as we know it. THE BIGGER BANG created just one — at the expense of the human race! Can a hero be born from such cataclysmic destruction? 


"THE BIGGER BANG is super cool! 

I've always admired D.J. Kirkbride's mind, and it's put to brilliant use in collaboration with the wonderfully energetic and unique artwork of Vassilis Gogtzilas. 

I eat this stuff up. Bigger bangin' cosmic comics!" 

- Michael Allred (MADMAN, SILVER SURFER)



"Vassilis is one of the best kept secrets in comics... THE BIGGER BANG should take care of that nicely. His work runs the gamut from classic 70s EC era brushwork to the comedic grandeur Jack Davis inspired lunacy.  



Along with gifted writer D.J. Kirkbride, Vassilis manages to weave a spell of spectacle cloaked in heroic garb, yet defying the cliches of the typical of most Superhero or Alien works.

It's non-digital and intimately hand crafted, modern, with affection nods to another simpler area. Couldn't recommend it highly enough!" 




"Kirkbride turns up the dial on the absurdist dada elements that have always adorned the edges of the Starlinesque superheroic space opera, a sub-sub genre dear to my heart. 



Artist Vassilis Gogtilas is... in the Sienkiewicz, Keith, and McKeever school of virtuosic comic book chiaroscuro... somewhere between Bill Plympton's work and the liner note drawings of Pink Floyd's THE WALL. 

THE BIGGER BANG is a comic that starts out as bombastically cosmic as can be imagined, and ratchets things up from there." 




"With THE BIGGER BANG, Kirkbride and Gogtzilas bring us a unique work of cosmic superhero lore. As the tale unfolds with all the grace of a fully realized myth, the artwork roars with the kinetic fury of the ever-expanding multiverse it depicts."

- Dave Crosland (SCARFACE, PUFFED)




"THE BIGGER BANG is totally larger-than-life with crazy art to match the scope." 


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Πρέπει να καταλάβουμε κάτι;


Μας χάκαραν;

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Πρέπει να καταλάβουμε κάτι;


Μας χάκαραν;


Είναι η περιγραφή αυτού του κόμικ λογικά. ;)

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